After weeks of trying to eat in 8 Cuts (Salcedo Village branch), we finally got a table today. It is always full in this branch and they don’t accept reservation. What a bummer. All you can do is go early ahead of the lunch crowd which is hard to do.

It’s either you go early or you go after the lunch crowd. It’s crazy.

I have been craving for a good burger lately and I want 8 Cuts. I don’t want any other burger.

I told Vito he has to pick me up cos I don’t have a driver (driver ran an errand for Claudia). We usually just meet in the resto. But since there’s no driver available he has to pass for me.

He said okay I’ll pick you up around 12:30. I said perfect. Let’s go to 8 Cuts lunch crowd will be gone by then.

The whole morning while working on some orders my Spotify was playing the album of James Blunt. Non stop. I love James Blunt. I love all his songs. I downloaded all his album in my Spotify account.

There’s just something about his songs and the way he sings that hits me hard some days.

Vito texted me when I was getting ready that he will be able to pick me up between 12:45 – 1:00 and he will use his car. Meaning he is the one driving not the driver. He doesn’t allow the drivers driving his car. He is very OC when it comes to his car.

Please don’t be confused. When he said he will pick me up it’s usually him with the driver using the family car. Not him driving.

I get stress when he is the one driving ‘cos the minute you go inside his car he hands you a bottle of alcohol and tells you to put alcohol on your hands ‘cos he doesn’t want any germs in his car. He tells you to be careful when you close/open the door, “Mom, please be gentle.” And “please don’t touch anything” when you’re inside his car. Ughhhh…

But in fairness his car is squeaky clean. It’s so clean that you feel dirty! Lol.

So, anyway, I had my burger today. Yes!

Definitely a good day. I had lunch with 1 out of 3 (good deal), I had my burger, I had a good laugh with Mom this morning (about a funny video that I sent her), and I had James Blunt playing the whole day.

Hashgtag blessed. Lol.

Top: Chanel // Jeans: Uniqlo // Mules: Zara // Bag: Henriet Helene // Sunglasses: Gucci

p.s. someone requested I put the brand of my shades