Finally, after 2 days of working on our orders (Willow Jewelry), I have a light day today. Monday and Tuesday were very hectic for me. Good thing we were able to do everything. But tomorrow is another day. We have a batch that needs to be packed and delivered.

Holiday rush, it’s real.

Anyway, since there was not much to do today I invited my niece to have lunch. It was her birthday a few days ago and I was so busy I didn’t have time to treat her out and give her my birthday gift.

I brought her to Souv (in BGC). It’s a new Greek restaurant that I’m liking these days. Last Sunday we had our family Sunday lunch there and I liked what I ordered, so I decided to bring my niece there so she can try (she hadn’t been there). Actually, today is my fifth time in Souv.

By the way, my niece is 4 months pregnant and when Mom found out that we were having lunch today she told me to take her picture. Mom is kinda worried about my niece ‘cos she is having difficulty in her pregnancy and she also gained so much weight. In fact, this is what Mom texted her on her birthday:


Right before we went home I asked Mang Nick (our driver/bodyguard) to take our pictures:

I sent it to Mom on my way home and she kinda freaked out. But Mom’s right she’s big for 4 months.

Anyway, like I said I love everything that I ordered last Sunday and I ordered exactly the same today. Arianne (my niece) ordered something else.

This is what I ordered today:

For appetizer, I ordered Cheese Saganaki. It has honey and peach jam and this is so freaking yummy!

Pastisada (Osso Bucco) with Pasta

I told them to put less sauce but more pasta and it came out perfect (last Sunday when I ordered this it had more sauce and less pasta). Their Osso Bucco is so delicious. This is the only Osso Bucco in Manila that I like. And trust me because my specialty is Osso Bucco (and according to everyone who has tasted my Osso Bucco they all say it’s good) and so I know a good Osso Bucco when I taste one. I like the kind of pasta they use. I don’t know the name but it’s the thin tube kind. I swear to god this is soooo good.

I also ordered their Yogurt Shake:

They only have one flavor of their yogurt shake, lemon and it’s so yummy. I ordered one for Ariane so she can taste it. I tell you when we were eating this we did not talk to each other until we were finished. lol! I super love this.

I’m sure most of you must have eaten in Souv already since they opened a few months ago. This is my kids favorite place to eat especially Claudia. And it has become my favorite too.

I like Greek food. I like Greeka Kouzina, it’s also in BGC (inside SM Aura Mall) and Cyma. The owner of Souv is also the owner of Cyma. But I like Souv the best.

Souv by Cyma
Address: Taguig, Metro Manila
Hours: open 11:00 am-10:00pm
Phone: (02) 946 6422
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