Our flight was at 7:30 am, so that means we have to wake up at least 5:30 am the latest. Dude, no one wakes up this early on Christmas morning. After the festivities on Christmas Eve, how the hell will we be able to wake up this early?

But we did. And everyone was grouchy.

We got to the airport on time (we did not have to wait long. Altho’ the line to the check-in counter was long), our flight was called a few minutes after we got to the waiting area.

Club Agutaya, here we come.

I did not really notice how long our flight was ‘cos we all fell asleep the whole time. It could be give and take an hour from Manila. But don’t quote me on this.

I was shocked. Puerto Princesa airport is really nice. Big, spacious, and clean. When we went to retrieve our luggage we found out that Claudia’s luggage didn’t make it to the flight. There was a little commotion. Claudia freaked out and it took a while to calm her down. Her luggage was still in Manila, apparently, the luggage conveyor in Manila broke down. They promised to deliver it to our resort when the next flight comes in.


From Puerto Princesa to San Vicente is about 3 hours. But you hardly notice the time ‘cos the trip was very scenic. Beautiful view. Luscious forest, fresh air, and blue skies.

when we got to our resort…

Our home for the next 5 days

Club Agutaya Resort

When all our luggage were brought down and after registering at the front desk, we ran to the dining area to eat. We haven’t eaten since this morning and it was already around 3:00 pm.

The Chef (Chef Maria/owner of the resort) was there to greet us and suggested we get the quick food on the menu. Vito ordered the wagyu burger and Shubllig sausage, Claudia ordered pork belly adobo and I ordered fish sinigang. The food was good. I mean not just because we were hungry but it was really good.

After eating we went straight to our rooms and rested. And slept.

Here are some photos of the main building where our rooms are. We haven’t seen the beach area yet. That will be in tomorrows post.