I woke up at 5:30 am and waited for Claudia to wake up. I told myself If she won’t wake up by 6:00 am, I’m going to wake her up. But she woke up a few minutes after I woke up.

We did not need to pack anymore ‘cos we packed last night. So, no need to hurry. We were told to be in the lobby by 7:00 am. We have enough time to waste.

We left the resort around 7:30 am already. I was nervous we might miss our flight. Our flight was 11:45 am and from the resort to Puerto Princesa airport is 3 hours.

Like I said the road trip is very therapeutic for me. Very scenic, fresh air and you get to see the countryside.

Some of my friends asked me if I will recommend San Vicente and the resort. I don’t know. What I will do is write down the pros and cons of the place and the resort and you be the one to decide. Okay?

San Vicente Palawan

– 1 hour flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa. From Puerto Princesa to San Vicente is 3 hours ride. The beach in San Vicente is called Long Beach. It is 14 km long white sand beach compared to Boracay’s 3 km. It is virgin. All you see are coconut trees and some other kind of palm trees.  The only resort is Club Agutaya. There are huts that people can rent in some areas.


  1. you have the whole place to yourself
  2. white sand (but not as white as Boracay)
  3. you can walk around and go swimming barefoot
  4. fun to play with the waves.


  1. niknik (sand flies) infested
  2. if you don’t like waves, then this is not the place for you
  3. if you like to see people, this is not the place for you

Club Agutaya Resort

It says on their website five stars. No. Maybe 4, at least.


  1. Good food
  2. not too close and not too far from the beachfront
  3. wifi even inside our rooms. It has its moments tho’ (sometimes fast, sometimes slow)
  4. 3G (Smart) not so fast tho’
  5. rooms are okay. Bathroom, very clean.


  1. short staffed. They should have hired additional staff since it’s peak season
  2. service not good, because short staffed. But they are nice
  3. mosquitos or niknik (I don’t know anymore) everywhere. In the dining area, in the lobby, etc. You have to put OFF every f*cking minute

But did I have fun? Definitely. It’s always fun to bond with my kids. I don’t get to do this in Manila.

Will I go back? No.