Vito wanted to go island hopping again. 5 islands. No way. Maski bayaran pa ako. Ayoko na.

The ride is so bumpy and wavy and even if the islands are so beautiful I don’t want to wake up with body aches again.

So, we had another day of just chilling. Our flight back home is tomorrow and we leave the resort early in the morning (7:00 am) (yikes). I stayed in our room practically the whole morning watching Claudia worked out. That’s what I call dedication. Every day ever since we got here she worked out every morning in our room ‘cos there’s no gym in the resort. She tried running by the shore but the nikniks (sand flies) attacked her and ate her alive (according to her). (hahaha).

While Claudia and Vito chilled by the pool I went around the resort and took some photos.