We were brought to the port at 9:00 am. The island hopping was 9:00 to 4:00 pm. Wow, that much islands? The resort packed us food for snacks but our lunch was in one of the islands. They prepared lunch for us there.

I was not nervous or scared. I was more concern about the length of time. Ang tagal. And I was scared it might be too hot. It was a good thing the sun did not come out. So, yay!

The first island we went to was called Exotic Island. A small virgin island. The kids went snorkeling while me, what else? Photoshoot.

Kuya, kuya, halika pichuran mo ako!”  Kuya said, “ayaw mo mag snorkeling Mam?” I told him, “sawa na ako dyn kuya. Maliit pa ako nag snorkeling na ako!” He asked me from where I was I told him I grew up in Cebu. And he said, “kaya naman pala Mam.”

Exotic Island

The second island we went to is called Inaladelan Island. Where we swam with the turtles and where our lunch was set up. It was just around 10 minutes away from Exotic Island.

The third island we went to was supposed to be a sand bar. But when we got there it was high tide so the sand bar disappeared. The fourth island was so small. We did not go down anymore ‘cos we were so tired already and it started to drizzle. I only took one photo of the tiny island.

The island was so small it only had 1 coconut tree.

We got to the port at 3:45pm and got to our resort at 4:10 pm. I was dead tired. I took a shower right away and just chilled in my room. After dinner I went straight to bed and fell asleep before 9:00 pm.