After having breakfast we trekked down to the beach. Claudia went ahead of me and chilled on the pool while I was showering and getting ready.

I passed by Vito’s room and he was still asleep. So, I went ahead and followed Claudia on the poolside. I caught her sunbathing by the pool and told her I’m going to check out the beach. My friends were asking me how the beach is and I couldn’t say anything since I haven’t seen the shore yet.

I posted on Facebook a video that I took on how the beachfront looks like. And I also took a few photos.

Basically, we just chilled today. We were waiting for Claudia’s luggage to arrive (the airline promised us it will get to the resort at 11:45). So, we couldn’t do anything but wait. It was beginning to stress all of us.

We lounged by the beach and swam in the ocean the whole morning. There was hardly anyone there but us and 3 French guys. After lunch, we just stayed in our rooms ‘cos it was so hot outside. By 4:00 pm we chilled by the pool again until dinner time.

Tomorrow we are going island hopping from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. For sure I’ll be able to take more photos.

By the way, Claudia’s luggage arrived on time. At exactly 11:45 am.

Here are some photos I took this morning.

the path going to the beach

path going to the villas

one of the villas

pool side