The year 2018…

It is this year I was able to leave a tumultous relationship. As you all know I don’t talk about the father of my kids here in my blog (to protect my kids and I want it to remain private).

It took many years for me to finally do it ‘cos I waited until my kids are grown up (I realized that there is no right time to do it. No matter how old or how young your kids are when separation happens it will still hurt the kids nonetheless).

It is this year that I “officially” cut my relationship with my 2 sisters. There is nothing more to say anymore.

It is this year I realized that Melissa Henson’s life goal is to see me fall. She only live for this. Well, sorry to burst your bubble dear, I am still standing.

It is this year that the smaller your circle of friends the peaceful your life will be.

It is this year that I have Koru.

It is this year I found myself.

It is this year I know that it is okay to recreate and restart.

It is this year that I found the strength to remove myself from anyone who hurt me, drain me, stress me, and stunt my growth. I think I have done more than enough talking and trying to make things work with certain people. I am done.

And it is this year that I finally got my life back.


Top: Tommy Hilfiger // Jeans: Zara // Mules: Zara // Bag: Henriet Héléne // Willow Jewelry