Okay, guys, so the last gift got delivered today. Whew! it sounds like I did the delivering. lol! And this is the reason why I said my driver makes my life easy.

But the preparation, the shopping and wrapping and thinking of what to give to every single person on my list is one hell of work you know. I may not be the one that will deliver but just the same it requires too much work. Not to mention the traffic. I don’t want to sound like the Christmas grinch but I don’t look forward to the holiday season anymore.

What I like tho’ is the Christmas get together of my friends. It’s always fun to be able to catch up and exchange gifts and just to be able to be together. A good break from the Christmas rush.

But since everyone is busy and rushing you can hardly get everyone together. Everyone’s schedule is crazy.

I was lucky enough I was able to squeeze in one Christmas lunch with some of my close friends only because this was planned weeks ago.

l to r: Keri Zamora, me, Mikka Padua, Arleen Sutton, Cookie Caedo

It was Vinny’s birthday last Friday and Frannie (his wife) planned a surprise birthday dinner for him but she had to cancel it last minute cos no one can make it. I feel bad for him because 1. soooo traffic 2. he was in a meeting until pass 6:00 pm 3. it was his office Christmas party (that means Claudia and Vito can’t make it too)(they all work in the same office).

So we postponed his birthday celebration. We held it yesterday in Canton Road at The Shangri-La BGC. And that is why I felt bad because it was just like our usual Sunday lunch.


Top: H&M  //  Pants: Uniqlo  //  Shoes: Sam Edelman  //  Bag: Valentino  //  Sunglasses: Celine   //  Willow Jewelry 

Merriest Christmas everyone! Enjoy the holiday season.