For those of you who are on my Facebook, you probably know who Rhian is. But for those of you who are not let me give you a background of who she is.

Rhian is the 2-year-old granddaughter of my brother and they live with my Mom and Dad. She just started to talk mid this year and she talks like an adult. She quickly became my favorite and got so obsessed with her. Every time I call Mom she always wants to facetime with me. And that’s how I became very close to her.

The last time I was in Cebu she was with me every day in my hotel room.

A lot of my friends on Facebook asked me to take a picture of her ‘cos I talk about her on Facebook every day that she eventually had her own followers.

I had a hard time taking a photo of her when I was in Cebu ‘cos she was moving a lot and was all over the place. But still, I tried.

This is Rhian

Last week my Mom was planning to put up a Christmas tree this year (she hadn’t done this in a long time). When my brother found out he took over and put up a tree and some Christmas lights all over their fence.

Rhian was so amazed and mesmerized (to say the very least). This is her first time to experience the spirit of Christmas and she couldn’t handle it. She kept on asking Mom who Santa Claus is and when he is coming. Mom told her that Santa is coming on the eve of baby Jesus’ birthday on Christmas. She couldn’t wait for Christmas and asked Mom if he can come on Lolo’s (my Dad) birthday instead (which is on Sunday).

Anyway, yesterday morning when I was talking to Mom I noticed her background was very silent. That means Rhian was not around. She is always in my Mom’s room and would always want to talk to me. So, I asked Mom where Rhian was.

me: ka hilum gud diha. Asa si Rhian? – why is it so silent there. Where is Rhian?

mom: tua ga pungko sa atubangan sa Christmas tree. Ga huwat ni Santa Claus. – she’ s sitting in front of the Christmas tree waiting for Santa Claus.

me: awww… ako na lang na si Rhian Mom beh – awww can you just give Rhian to me mom

mom: ah’, mura man sad na ngayo lang ug baktin. Basin matigbasan ta ni tatay (Rhian’s Lolo) – it’s as if you’re just asking for a baby pig. Her lolo will kill us!

I basically had a good childhood. And the biggest part of that childhood was my Christmas memories. Mom gave us really good and happy Christmas memories. Christmas tree, Christmas lights, Christmas mass, Christmas gifts (that we can open only on Christmas morning), new beautiful dresses… the whole nine yards.

So, when I had kids of my own that is one thing that I gave them. Good and happy Christmas memories.

And that is what I want to give Rhian, too (and of course her older sister Zyra). I want to see her face light up when she opens her gifts on Christmas day. I want her to believe in Santa for as long as she can.

I want her to see Christmas the way I see it.