I need to finish everything on my shopping list by next week and have it delivered within the week too. It actually depends if my order will come by then. If it does then all systems go and Christmas 2019 is over for me.

How strange it is now that the holidays feel like a chore more than a spirit of giving. I just completely lost the “spirit”. It is no longer fun for me anymore. Not like before when my kids were still small I get excited even before Halloween starts.

Times have definitely changed.

I won’t be here after Christmas up to New Year. The usual year-ender vacation. I will be blogging between now and Christmas (of course)(if I can. I definitely will).

I have been loving the sweater weather! You guys know I love my sweaters and knits. I was able to order online and got a few nice ones in H&M.

So expect that I will be living on sweats in the coming days.


OOTDTop: Tommy Hilfiger  //  Jeans: Levis  //  Shoes: Chanel Espadrilles  //  Bag: LV  //  Sunglasses: Givenchy  //  Willow Jewelry