If you see me here now that’s because finally, I found time to run to iStudio (High Street, BGC) and buy a new charger for my laptop. Yes, I’m back to laptop charger issue again.

Back track… when my charger suddenly died on me in Siargao. When I got back in Manila I was ready to buy a new charger when Don (JSP’s nephew who just arrived from SFO) told me he had an extra charger. so, yay.

Last week, I accidentally spilled water right below were an extension was with all my chargers (Iphone, Ipad, McBook Air) charging. I quickly pulled all the chargers and prayed that my chargers were not affected.

No. All of my chargers overheated. And one of those chargers was my laptop charger.

It was easy to replace chargers for my Iphone 8 and my Ipad Pro. But my laptop charger, it took me a few days to buy a new one cos I had to do it myself. Not like the other chargers were I just sent the driver to buy for me.

So, today after my lunch with my friend Cay (Zaldarriaga) in Souv, I went to iStudio (which was the nearest store that sells Apple gadgets from where I was) and bought me a new charger.

And that’s the reason why I haven’t blog in like a week. If I don’t blog more than 3 days I feel guilty. I always think,  omg, I’m sure they are looking for me. I’m sure they will start messaging me any day now. True enough. I received a few messages yesterday and today asking me where I was, etc., etc., etc….

Here I am.

It is so hard when your life depend on chargers (and power banks)! LOL.

Nothing really is new at this side (my side) of the world. Working mostly on our Willow Jewelry Signet Rings that we will launch next week. Other than that life is mellow.


Top: Calvin Klein  ||  Denim Skirt: H&M  ||  Espadrilles: Chanel  ||  Bag: Gucci  ||  Willow Jewelry