Our flight Cebu Pacific 5J533 leaves Manila for Cebu at 9:40am. I left the house around 8:00am. I finished checking in right before 9:00am. And the waiting begins.

It was already 9:48am and we were not boarding yet. I knew right then and there that our flight was going to be delayed. I was ready for that (I downloaded more than 10 movies on Netflix). After a few minutes, there was a little commotion on the counter of gate 117 (our flight’s gate). So, I made usyoso. OMG, our flight was not only delayed. It was very, very delayed. It got moved to 1:00pm and not even sure yet. There was a mechanical problem with “our” plane so we have to wait for the plane that was arriving from Dubai arriving at 12:30pm.

Oh, sh*t.

I was worried about Mom and Dad who were already at the airport waiting. I called Mom right away and told her. She told me it was okay and they will just wait in Jollibee (in the airport). At least Rhian won’t be bored.

I informed my kids, too.

I was just cool about it. What can you do, right? But there were other passengers who did not take it well. A lot of screaming happened. I pitied the people behind the counter. They were the ones who got the brunt of it. I hope they are paid well. ‘cos if it was me I would have walked out.

I just can’t understand some people. I mean no matter how much you scream or get angry it won’t help. There was no f*cking plane. Maski tumuwad ka pa dyan, wala talagang eroplano. ano ba? Just save your energy. Just sit down and shut up.

I just sat down and watched my movie. Some passengers were still complaining. Deadma. Ang gulo n’yo.

Some of my friends always ask me why I always choose Cebu Pacific when I fly to Cebu. Why not? In fairness to Cebu Pacific, this is the first time my flight got delayed this long. I swear to god.

I don’t take PAL when I go home to Cebu. First, it’s more expensive than Cebu Pacific (double the price). Second, their planes are old and dirty. And come on PAL is always late too. So, why pay more? And besides, I hate PAL.

So, anyway, Louie Ysmael was on the same flight and he had someone from the inside that gives him inside information about our flight. So, the more I was calmed and continued watching my movies. When Louie whispered that our plane already arrived from Dubai and they changed our gate to 118, I followed him. True enough a few minutes after our gate was changed to gate 118 but we were already there. hahaha. By 12:30pm they announced that our plane has arrived and is now being cleaned and we should be boarding soon. But before the chaos began Louie said follow me.

We boarded first. Before everyone. When the passengers started to line up we were already on the plane. yay! It’s all about the people you know 😊

When we landed Cebu it was raining so hard. And dark.

Jesus Christ.

Di bale na. At least we got to Cebu safely.

I deplaned and while waiting for the luggage I went first to Jollibee to check on Mom and Dad. The first person I saw was Rhian. Waving at me smiling, awww… so cute. Actually, they were all waving at me. Nawala bigla ang pagod ko. When you see someone who is happy to see you it’s a very nice feeling. I told Mom and Dad that I’m just waiting for my luggage.

We arrived at my hotel around 6:00pm already. I checked in and went straight to my room. We rested for awhile then went to have dinner just inside the hotel. We all didn’t have the energy to go anywhere.

Cebu. My hometown.

You probably noticed by now that I have been going home frequently the past 2 years. When my brother died in 2016 I promised myself that I will make sure to come home more often. Mom and Dad are getting old and I wanted to spend more time with them. Plus there’s Rhian (hahaha). I even told my kids this. I told them that Lolo and Lola are already old and I want to go home to Cebu more often now and spend time with them. They said, go Mom.

This is one of the things I loved being an empty nester. I already can do whatever I like and go wherever I like. My kids have grown, man. They have lives of their own. Not like before when they were small, I couldn’t move. I have always been a hands-on Mom. Even if I had Yaya Norma with me (she was with me since I gave birth to Vinny and she retired in 2008), I was still hands-on. Those were the times I hardly go home to Cebu. I was busy being a Mom and getting settled being a mother.

Sir Tingting (Tingting de la Serna, former Governor of Cebu) and I often chat and he would tell me life lessons and advice. One of the things that he told me that I will never forget is:

“You know tin, at a certain age, we become irrelevant to the lives of our children. They try to live their lives the way they think is right. We become irrelevant at this stage. After a while, when they get older, they realize that we are not so bad after all, that it is only WE who could love them unconditionally and never leave them, THEN THEY REALIZE, THEY NEED US!  Your kids will realize how WONDERFUL YOU ARE TITA TIN (he calls me Tita Tin). They will appreciate what you have done for them and the strength you displayed. Enjoy your freedom kay di pa na manghilabot nimo ang mga kagwang.

He went on telling me:

“I stayed and took care of my mother until she died at 98. Both papa and mama died in my arms! The years I spent taking care of them was the best years of my life. I was like an only son. Even at 95, I brought mama to the parlor on Fridays so she could look pretty when I took her out for dinner.”

Such powerful words from a wise man.

When he told me this my tears started to fall and I started crying. He is right. The times I spent with Mom and Dad feels like the best time of my life. It is such a wonderful feeling making them happy. You have no idea what I feel when I make them happy.

I guess it’s payback time.

Glad to be back home.

p.s. Cebu is in the midst of festivities because of Sinulog. It is Sinulog weekend. I’m flying back to Manila before it starts. I’m done with Sinulog. I was still in Cebu during the very first Sinulog and it was so much fun during those days. I’m too old for this kind of festivities already.