Hi, guys!

I’m writing this now at the airport (in Seattle’s Best Coffee shop) while waiting for my flight back to Manila. I arrived in Cebu (to visit Mom and Dad) last Thursday.

My Cebu trip(s) is always a good break for me. With all the stress that I go through on the daily basis, it’s always a good thing to take a breather. Even for just a few days. Good for the soul.

And like always it’s a good feeling to see everyone happy when they see me. Especially Rhiane. LOL. When I see Mom and Dad wave at me the minute they see me come out of the airport is priceless.

This time I stayed in Marco Polo Hotel because Waterfront Hotel (my second home) was fully booked. That’s because Pres. Duterte was here and he stayed in Waterfront along with his whole entourage. I dunno how many floors they blocked.

I felt so bad because I am so used to staying in Waterfront already. It’s like my second home. They all know me there and I just feel comfortable there.

Marco Polo Hotel is hmmm… okay. My room was okay. Big and the beddings (sheets and pillows) were okay. The only thing I did not like are the towels. It’s old and not fluffy. I had to request to change my towels all the time. I’m just not about to wipe my face and body with those towels. Call me maarte but hey, this is supposed to be a 5-star hotel. I want my 5 stars.

Altho’ the service is good and the breakfast buffet is so sarap. I don’t mind staying there again.

Saturday night a good friend of mine Mike Chiong hosted a white themed party on the roof deck of the new Bai Hotel which I couldn’t miss. You all know I hate socializing and going out at night but I didn’t have a choice but to go and support Mike. It was a good thing that all my good friends were there too.

Dinner before the party with (l to r) Ceasar and Jing Ditan, me, Dodong, and Bamba Palang


Mike Chiong, me, Bamba, Jing and Ceasar Ditan


Bamba me, Mike, Jing and Dodong


RJ, me and Mike


me, Jing, Bamba, Mia and Neil Carcel, Dodong


Marion Osmeña, me and my cousin Vicky Reroma


Mia Larrazabal-Carcel, me


Rhiane Stories
She did not swim in the pool cos she got scared. So, she told her Mama to just take her picture.

Mom asked her the next day why she did not swim.

Mom: ngano wa man ka mo swim sa pool yan?
– why didn’t you swim in the pool?

Rhian: wa lang ‘la kay nahadlok ko. Sige lang kay ingon si tatay palitan man ko niya ug dagat.
– I got scared ‘la. It’s okay tatay said he will buy the pacific ocean for me.




Until next time Cebu!