If you have been reading my blog for a long time then you know that I only write about products I like and believe in. I am not sponsored. I enjoy sharing with you my good finds.

This brings us to my post about Slick Case. You can read the post here.

I have received a lot of messages and some comments ever since I wrote about it. I wrote about it early this year, January 31, 2017 (to be exact), and up to now I still receive messages.

Over the weekend I received a new message and it is when I decided to write my own experience.

When I wrote that post I was in my second order already. It’s true that when I did my first order I did not have any problems. Maybe a week late (but that’s because the item that I ordered was out of stock, so they say) (that’s always their excuse I found out much later). It was delivered in my residence. Cool. I did not have to go through customs and all. I did not even pay any shipping charges (maybe because I only ordered 2 items. 1 laptop case and 1 iPhone case).

Since I liked their products and the shipping was fast I made a second order.

The second order was kinda shaky already. Altho’ it came late (again), but the customer service was still fast in replying. So, okay, I  tried to be a bigger person and understand them. Online shopping, what do you expect. Right? Anything can happen.

It didn’t stop me from ordering again. And, yes, their products are really nice.

I made my third order a few months ago. This time it was a different story. It arrived very, very late. It arrived more than a month. And the customer service was taking their time to reply. They were not replying my emails until I told them I am a blogger. Then they replied saying it’s out of stock, blah, blah, blah. I waited and waited. I was fed up emailing them until I said I will just cancel my order. But they said only 1 item was out of stock the rest of my orders were in stock. So, I waited again. And waited. And waited.

It finally arrived after more than a month and this time it was already through the post office (my driver picked it up) and I paid shipping charges (minimum charge) (and that was because this time I ordered a lot). I ordered 3 laptop cases and 2 iPhone cases. But only 2 laptops (out of 3) arrived. The item that they said was out of stock was the item missing. They said they were going to reverse the payment in my card. I didn’t care anymore. I did not even check if they did.

This time I told myself I will no longer order from them. That’s it! I’m done with them. I wasn’t planning to write about my experience. I was just supposed to just leave it and move on. It’s not worth the stress. Anyway, I was able to get my orders. Altho’ not complete but still.

The messages and comments started pouring in. Complaining about them and how they sucked. I was still not going to say anything.

And every time I see their posts on Facebook and Instagram I must admit I get tempted (a couple of times) to order again but every time I think of how bad their service has become and how stressful it is, I changed my mind. Nah…

Until last weekend when I got this comment.

This is so unfair already and I needed to do something about it. Only because I have endorsed them in the past. I feel I have a responsibility.

I really don’t know what’s going on with them. Like I said I see them posting on Facebook and Instagram a lot. Why continue posting and doing ads when you take money from innocent customers but not deliver? Why? I don’t understand.

The least you could have done was reply to your customers. That’s all. Make your customers feel secure and connected with you. You can’t even do that? But you have the time to post on Facebook and Instagram. WTH.

Here are some disturbing comments:

I really hope Slick Case will do something about this. They owe it to their customers that believed in them and trusted them. The customer’s trusted them with their money that they worked hard for.

You have really nice products but if your service sucks and don’t deliver then what good is that to you and to your customers?