I nearly gave in to the whole camo craze. I said nearly. I was just about to buy a pair of camo pants a few months ago. With matching studs and all.

I was shopping with my daughter and I already picked up the pants. It was already in my shopping bag. We were already in the cashier.

I was that close.

But she told me: “no, way Mom. You’re not going to buy that! It’s so ugly.”

So I put it down.

The nearest thing I ever did in this whole camouflage craze was buy a military green colored waxed jeans.

I saw this today.


And I don’t know what to feel.

I put up so many outfits in my head already while staring at this. I’m not that hot on it but come on. It’s kinda nice.

And come on, I really don’t need another pair now.

Good girl.