You all know I write what I feel. No holds barred. I say what I feel. And I say what’s the truth in front of your f*cking face. Not behind you but in front of you where the whole world can see.

I don’t hide behind the keyboard of my computer. Like these cowards do. And by cowards, I mean Susan Cui, Annie Buyco, and Patricia Enad (I will not use her married name cos I don’t want her husbands family drag into this).

Apparently, they do not understand what’s going on. On denial? yes. Does not want to accept their fault, yes! Ga binogo? Hell, yes!

This landed on my lap just now.

Patricia, maybe you should screen your “20” friends on Facebook cos apparently not all of them is on your team.

Someone sent this to me and told me: “looks like they’re not getting it”

Of course, they’re not getting it. They’re licking their own wounds becos that’s the only thing they can do.

Let me go through this point by point. Okay?

Patricia, you posted this on Facebook the day after I blogged “Family Betrayal” (it only means one thing, they’re reading my blog)(I don’t get it, if you block a person from social media that means you blocked them from your life)(why are they reading my blog?)( block pa more). Pag sure mo diha uy.

You get a quote from the internet and posted it to spite me? Why not use your own words? Like your sister Susan always tells us that you are “BRENDA” (by the way, for those of you who doesn’t know what Brenda is, it is a gay lingo that means brain damage. This is Susan’s code name for Patricia to us.

Is that the best thing you can do? Steal a quote from the internet?

Well, my dear, let me tell you this: If there is anything you want to say? Say it.

Don’t be scared. Like Kyle taught you to stand up to your sisters. Remember Kyle told you this when your sister Susan screamed at you the last time you fought? “Stand up to your sister” these were not the exact words, but Kyle told you specifically not to allow your sisters to bully you.

So, don’t stay silent and f*cking say it straight to my face.

Why can’t you do it? why nga ba? Let me tell you why because there’s nothing you can say. Nothing. Nada. What I wrote in Family Betrayal is what I feel. Are you going to fault me for what I truly feel? No. So, hilum na lang.

Now is your chance. Stand up for yourself. Or be a coward and stay in your corner and be silent.

But my dear, do not post a quote you got from the internet to speak for you. It will just confirm what your sister Susan thinks of you all these time (and for sure up to now). BRENDA.

I am a fool? I don’t think so.  Do I say what is right? Yes. Do I say the truth? Yes. But a fool? No.

Susan, let us go through this point by point. Help me understand what you are trying to say here. Cos I really don’t understand it.

This is straight out licking your wounds.

 “Sagdi lang dear, don’t feel so bad, do not disturb the enemy when she is making a mistake. One day she will implode. Remember LA (sharp) ra ba ang gaba sa magulang ug igsoon.”

do not disturb the enemy when they are making a mistake” wtf.

First, you copied this statement. Stop plagiarism. Use your own.

Second, but isn’t what you are doing now? Disturbing me? The only wrong thing in your statement is, I am not making a mistake. Wheeeeey.

Let me point out your wtf moments:

“One day she will implode?” wtf.

The meaning of implode according to:

Google: collapse or cause to collapse violently inward. 

Merriam Webster Dictionarya: to burst inward. a blow causing a vacuum tube to implode, b: to undergo violent compression 

And may I ask, why will I implode?

What did I do for me to implode? Please explain. Implode sa imong mata.

Sharp ang gaba sa maguwang and igsoon.” wtf again.

First off, ngano ma gabaan man ko ninyo intawn uy. Unsa man akong gibuhat ninyo?

Okay, to answer my own question. The only thing I can think of is, I blogged about the mess that your dear sister Annie beautifully made.

Is that a sin? No. It will only be a sin if I did not speak the truth. And you know damn well that what I said (every word of it) is the truth.

If not, point it out to me. Point out the part where I lied. I dare you.

Other than that, what did I do exactly para ma gabaan ko ninyo? What? Because I’m helping Mommy and Daddy? You cannot just accept the fact that Mom and Dad are happy now without you in their lives. Cutting them off was an epic fail for you. Too f*cking bad.

Basin kamo hinuon kilatan diha. Susmaryosep. Ginoo ko. Maka pangurus man sad ko ninyo.

Annie, go jump in Pasig river. Or find a river dirtier than Pasig river, then jump. You are so f*cking useless and worthless. Na apsan ka ni Patricia, na apsan pa gyud ka ni Arianne.

Sip sip gyud ug taman diha ‘day kay mao ra gyud na imong mahimo sa imong kinabuhi. Sige sip sip para mahatagan.

As you can well see, I haven’t imploded and I am having a great time in my life.

Are you?