I had such a busy Monday.

Let’s start with an early morning (7:00 am) blood test. For my blood sugar (I’m due to see my Doctor for a check-up today).

Then I went to have my picture (1×1) taken for my senior card. I finally bit the bullet and decided to get a senior card.

Vinny used to tease me all the time for many years asking me if I have a senior card every time we eat out. And I always scream at him, “I am not a senior yet!”


So I already made a decision that I will never get a senior card for me. Ever.

No f*cking way. I will forever be not a senior. lol!

When the time came that I was officially a senior (last September this year) Vinny did not stop bugging me to get one already. “Mom you’ll never believe the perks you will enjoy when you have a senior card.

“Like what Vinny? Like what?” 10%/20% off when I eat out? di bale na I will pay full. I don’t need a discount. And besides, I am not fond of watching movies. I don’t need free movies.

What Vinny did was he secretly asked his secretary to do it for me. (get the forms and some requirements).

I still did not work on it. Basta, I will not get a senior card. Period. I don’t need it.

Or so I thought.

Until when my friend Alice (my former colleague who was just here from Vancouver) she asked me what day I was free for lunch I told her Wednesday or Friday. I can’t on a Thursday ‘cos my car is coding.

Then she asked me don’t you have a senior card? I said, “no, and I will never get one.” And then she goes “gaga, you get one. Do you know that when you have a senior card you are exempted from car coding?

I said “whaaaaaat?” And Alice said, yes. But only in Makati.

I don’t care I hardly go out of Makati anyway.

I need a senior card!!!!

My driver doesn’t report every Thursday (and Sunday he’s day off) so basically he only works 5 days a week.

So, yesterday I went to have my picture taken. I will finally get my senior card only because I hate coding days. Only for that reason. lol!

me: kailangan ko ng 1×1 pic
lady (in the photoshop): para saan to mam?
me: senior card
lady: ha? senior na ho kayo
me: *staring at her with dagger eyes* Oo, bakit?
lady: mam, hindi ho kayo mukhang senior
me: binobola mo lang yata ako eh
lay: hindi mam. Sa totoo lang. Baka hindi e honor yung card nyo kasi mam hindi ka talaga mukhang senior.

See. That’s why I don’t want to get a senior card.

ano ba? Hindi pa ako mukhang senior.

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