Before I start, I want to thank La Cabrera Manila for making my birthday dinner extra special.

Thank you, Carlo (Lorenzana, owner of La Cabrera Manila), for arranging the menu and thank you, Chef Agustin (Argentinian chef), who personally supervised his crew and made sure everything was taken care of down to the last detail and who personally prepared everything from the appetizer down to the dessert.

Kudos Chef Agustin!

Everything was so yummy! You made last night’s celebration so extra!

The minute we all sat down Sangria Malbec /Sangria Blanca flowed seamlessly!

And throughout the night red wine overflowed too. Courtesy of Carlo.

I don’t drink therefore I don’t know anything about wines. But, my friend Barbra (who is from San Francisco) drinks wine like water cos if you have a house in Napa Valley you must know how to drink wine. And according to her, this wine is very good.

This is exclusive in La Cabrera. You can purchase it there.

The first appetizer served was Provoleta (grilled provolone cheese)

Followed by Chorizo Criollo

and Empanada de Carne

at this point, we were all stuffed already. lol! so we rested and talked and drank and laughed, etc. Then Ensalada Caesar (lettuce, croutons, grilled chicken, bacon and caesar salad)  was served. I forgot to take a picture until Barbra said to take a picture of the salad! This was what was left of the salad. lol!

this was followed with Lubia con Olivas Negras, Anchoas, Espinaca y Tomate. Kung sa eninglis pa Sea Bass Pasta. lol!

after the pasta, we were all so full already! I wanted to scream at Chef Agustin: “I beg of you. Please stop already!”

But no. Chef Agustin continued and brought in the star of the show. The steaks. woohoo!!!

Cudaril (coulotte) and Entraña (skirt)

I thought I was going to die of food coma. I thought omg. I am the first person who will die from food coma.

But life goes on and…

dessert was brought in

Panqueque con Dulce de Leche y Helado

(Sugar crepes with Argentine dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream on the side)

We all literally died and went to food heaven!

Joni and Julian (special guests from NYC).These 2 is going to change the telecom industry in the next few years. Just watch out.

Joni was in Forbes 30 under 30 in 2016. That’s all I will say for now

My very good friend for more than 20 years (our kids grew up together) and a special guest from San Francisco. Barbra Sycip

blowing of the candle #2

Thank you to my La Cabrera Manila family for making it extra special!

I would like to end this post with this quote that I posted on Instagram yesterday

you don’t have to know my pain to know me, be a part of my happiness, and that’s all we will ever need

p.s. #notanAD