It was supposed to be high tea in Manila Pen at 2:30 pm. Arleen and Keri’s joint birthday celebration. But at the last minute like literally the last minute, Arleen called me while I was about to have lunch. She called as I was about to put food in my mouth and asked me: “have you had lunch?” I said, “just about to.” She goes, “put your food down! Let’s go have lunch at Happy’s house. Let’s move na lang our high tea at Happy’s cos she has so much food from last night”(it was Happy’s husband’s birthday dinner party).

I said, “whaat? I haven’t taken a shower yet?” and she goes, “go shower na and let me know when you’re done and I’ll meet you in the lobby. And I’ll call Cookie and Keri for change venue”

Jesus H. Christ. This is what I hate. When I have a time frame to get ready. Na taranta ako. I can’t work under pressure. But I don’t have a choice. So, I hurriedly jump into the shower quickly.

I was in the middle changing when Arleen called me and told me Keri and Cookie are on their way to Happy’s already! Omg. “wait, I’m in the middle of changing pa. Don’t go down yet! I’ll call you when I am on my way down, okay?”

“Marjorieeee, sapatos ko linisan mo! Yung blower ko plug mo! Plinancha mo na ba blouse ko? Marjorie Barretto bilisan mo!”

I was already full-blown in a panic mood.

Whew, we made it on time. And this is what I saw when we got to Happy’s

Happy doing some last-minute touch

We waited for Cookie and Keri to arrived. Cookie arrived first then Keri came a few minutes after.

Then the fun began. Happy’s party for her hubby was Moroccan themed and the food that she prepared was amazing!

So instead of high tea, it became late lunch and high tea. We spent the whole afternoon laughing and eating and laughing again and eating again. Non-stop.

L to R: Arleen, Cookie, Keri and me. Sitting: Francesco (Happy’s son) and Happy

Then it was time to go and time for a group selfie

It is these moments with good friends that make life beautiful. Like they always say become more aware of what’s really worth your energy.