My first exam in editing!

This is going to be my first exam on how to merge videos into one.

I recorded my lakad yesterday. It really wasn’t an exciting errand but I had to record it so I have something to submit to my tutor.

I am very nervous cos there’s a lot of steps I need to go through. I listed it all down so I won’t forget.

I just hope I won’t make mistakes or miss a step. Otherwise, this is going to be a big fail. I hope not.

 In other news…

 There was something I noticed when I was out yesterday. Everyone was only not wearing a mask but everyone was wearing a face shield. Good thing I wore one.

Arleen my friend was telling me you better buy a face shield cos it’s mandatory. So she ordered me from where she ordered hers. I order 2 pieces so that I have something to alternate. I ordered yellow and white. Altho’ it comes in other colors like black and blue.

I liked the yellow one cos it makes everything so bright. And you know me I have very bad eyes.

 So, here it is, please bear in mind that this lesson is how to merge videos. That’s why there’s a lot of scenes where I could have trimmed it but I focus more on a how-to merge videos. My next exam will be trimming videos. And I am really nervous cos it is kinda difficult to do.

Please don’t judge me. And by the way, I forgot again to turn my camera in horizontal position.uggghhhh…