What a beautiful day! I woke up to a nice weather, sun was bright but not hot (just perfect). And aside from that, it’s the weekend!

Ever since I have Kuro first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check on him. His bed is right beside my bed but he wakes up earlier than me (more often). I check whether he made it to the pee pee pad during the night.

Like I said he already pees and poos on the pad but he still has some accidents.

Next thing I do is give him water and feed him. Then my day starts.

I really don’t have anything line up today. Just a few errands, nothing major. The only important thing for me today is I am having lunch with Vito and Claudia! Yay!

I really want today to be an easy day. I wasn’t feeling well since the other day (wednesday) and took the day off (I have been resting). I am scared of the bug that’s going around now (everyone seems to be sick). So, I holed up at home.

Tomorrow I am going for my second fitting of my gown and Kuro’s groomer is coming on Sunday.

I have a few movie lined up in Netflix. The kids want me to watch some movies they like. So, I’ll see.

Other than that, it’s just another day in paradise.

This made my day more beautiful.