I have been using La Mer moisturizer since early 2000. I stock on it. Everytime we go abroad this is the #1 in my list and even when my kids travel especially Vinny I asked them to buy for me. I use the moisturizer and the hydrating serum religiously.


But early last year I discovered a night cream and liked it. My skin loved it. I saw it in Rustan’s grocery and I bought a bottle just to try.

Avalon Organics wrinkle defense night cream


I use La Mer in the daytime and this became my nightly ritual. This bottle is about to finish. And I am freaking out cos Rustan’s doesn’t carry this anymore. I have been bugging Arlene (Supervisor in Rustans) since late last year to re order this cos I don’t see it anymore in the counter. But she told me she tried to re order so many times but nothing happened. She told me to go to Watson’s.

Yesterday I went to Watson’s and they told me that Rustan’s carry this exclusively. I felt so bad and accepted the fact that I will never be able to purchase this again.

So I just went around Watson’s and was just browsing around until I saw this:


This was the beauty secret that my friend Dr. Ong told me to buy. I wrote about it before but he told me not to write the name cos according to him I have a lot of followers baka ma out of stock.

A few weeks back someone messaged me and told me she tried this product and swore to me that it is really good. Even her sister liked it.

Masubukan nga. I told the salesgirl that I’ll get one jar. And she told me: “mabenta ‘to mam. Maraming bumibili nito. May isang babae nga pinakyaw lahat. Last 4 jars na lang ‘to mam.”

I ended buying the last 4 jars.

This morning I went to Rustan’s for our weekly grocery. I saw Arlene (supervior) and told her that Watson’s told me that the product was exclusive only to Rustan’s. She said sorry talaga mam, naka ilang beses na ho ako nag order wala talaga eh.

I give up!

Before going back to my car I passed by Healthy Options (the one inside Rustan’s grocery) to buy my vitamins. And guess what I saw the minute I went in?


I freaked out! As in my mouth dropped. Healthy Options had it all along and complete pa!

Oh my freaking god.

I ended up buying not only the night cream but also the wrinkle defense serum and the perfecting facial toner which Rustan’s didn’t carry!


I’m so happy I could die tomorrow. Ay wait, magpa ganda pa pala ako!

Now the problem is what am I going to do with all these Kokuryu Placenta cream???

Hay naku, tama si Oprah. Ang hirap magpa ganda!