First working day of the year and no one seems to be on the road. No traffic! Wow. I hope Makati will be like this for the rest of the year. What a good start.

In the home front, I brought Vito to the Doctor this morning. He was complaining pain on his jaw (joint) 2 days before Christmas. And it got worst towards the New Year when all the Doctors went on vacation.

The minute all clinics of Makati Med opened I brought him ASAP to our family Doctor. Dr. Edwin Wenceslao suspected TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint disorder). But he wanted to be sure and sent us to an ENT, Dr. Ibay. True enough it is TMJ.

At least now we know what it is. Since he started to have the pain we kept on guessing what it was. He was prescribed some meds and instructed hot compress twice a day.

It is a long day.

We saw 2 doctors. Had lunch in between. Vito went to have a haircut after lunch while waiting for our second appointment (ENT). Went back to Makati Med and while we were in the clinic of Dr. Ibay (ENT), the driver went to deliver an order of a client who was just a few buildings away from Makati Med. Then he went to Mercury Drug Store to buy the medicines of Mom. He picked us up in Makati Med after we were done and he went back to Mercury Drug Store to buy Vito’s medicines.

And so it has began…


Inner white Tshirt: Calvin Klein  ||  Jacket: J.Crew  ||  Chino Pants: Uniqlo  ||  Shoes: Valentino  ||  Bag: Henriet Héléne