I went to Landmark around noontime to pick up some plants for our lanai. I also needed small bottles (small containers for shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc.) that I need for our trip. I go through this small containers a lot (I should stock on these next time).

Landmark has all these Japanese made small containers that I really like. They are good quality (and cheap) and the plastic they use is not thin. But like I said I go through this a lot (I change them every 2 trips) (And sometimes I lose them).

So, anyway, my story is when I was in Landmark Nana kept on calling me (I hate it when people call me while I am shopping. It stresses me out and I couldn’t concentrate anymore) asking me where Vito is going to have lunch today. Her maid texted me early this morning to tell Vito to have lunch at home.

Nana doesn’t want Vito to eat lunch in the office ’cause according to her he goes with his officemates and they eat in cheap and dirty places.

“Sinabi ko kay Vito sa Shangri la Hotel na mag lunch kasi malinis doon.” (Nana has this belief that the only clean food are in hotels)

‘na, how can his office mates afford to eat in Shangri la hotel everyday naman?”

She freaked out last night ’cause Vito was asked to do over time (this is the second night that he did over time). You all know that Vito missed office the whole week last week ’cause he got sick. So, probably his boss told him to catch up on work.

By the way, Vito works in one of the top companies in Manila as a Finance Analyst (sorry, I can’t say where).

Nana called me around 10:00 pm when I was already about to sleep. She was asking me how come Vito wasn’t home yet. So, I told her that he’s still at work doing over time.

“over time na naman? Ano ba yan sila? Hindi ba nila alam galing lang sa sakit si Vito? Pwede ba Tina tawagan mo yung boss nya at sabihin mo ka ga galing lang ni Vito sa sakit. Baka ma binat yung bata! Sabihin mo na sabi ng Doctor nya na dapat mag pahinga muna sya.”

okay, sabihin ko ‘na.” (just so she will stop na)(I’m so bad)(but I was so sleepy already and I did not want to argue with her anymore)

“wala akong paki alam kung hindi nila sweldohan si Vito. Gabing gabi na wala pa si Vito sa bahay.”

I looked at the clock and it was already passed 10:00 pm. I thought omg, grabe naman mag overtime si Vito. So, I called his driver. No answer. I texted (twice). No reply. I got so pissed at the driver why he wasn’t picking up my calls and replying my texts. I wanted to know what’s going on. Where are they?

I went down and asked the guard if Vito’s driver is back, he said yes and he is sleeping already (Whaat?) (where the hell is Vito?)

I called Vito.

“Where are you? Nana is freaking out!”

“I’m in Belle and Dragon, Mom.”

Next time can you please tell me where you’re going!”

“oops, sorry Mom.”

How are you going home?”

“I’m riding with Philippe.”

Ayun. Nasa Belle and Dragon (a bar in Makati) nag over time.


Top: Cable and Gauge  ||  Jeans: Zara  ||  Mules: H&M (another good find) ||  Bag: Zara  ||  Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters  ||  Watch: Klarf Watch  ||  Willow Jewelry Heart Earrings  ||  Willow Jewelry Tibetan Beads Bracelet