I welcomed the week with a bang. Since yesterday our orders came in non-stop. This is the time I wish I still had Manette (my assistant) with me. I can still manage ‘tho. Mang Ted (my goldsmith) and I have a system already so, we work smoothly. We understand each other and that makes it easy for both of us.

I have been so busy that I rarely have time to do anything. So much so I have no time to indulge in anything negative. I only want positive vibes in my life.

But there are some that got away and somehow find it’s way to me.

Like this person named Susan Enad Cui. The most evil and vile person known to mankind.

She has been doing some screen shots of TB’s rant and sending it to our relatives.

Really? You have time for this Susan Enad Cui?  It just shows the darkness of your soul.

A person who does this just mean 2 things:

  1. You didn’t get the underlying message of this whole bruhaha. The only thing I can say to you is I am so happy with my life now. People who know me are happy for me. So, what you did is really no skin off my back. What you did just shows how miserable you are with your life. If I have your life I would be miserable too.
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised you did what you did because you are not using your brain again. Like the way you didn’t use your brain when you took the U.S. Nursing Board exam and you failed it 3 times. Not once. But 3 times, that’s the real reason why you are not working as a nurse. Your well kept secret that you have been hiding from everyone.

Maybe next time instead of concentrating on negative things why don’t you keep yourself busy with relevant things?

Just a piece of advice.