I have kept silent all these time. Because I don’t want to give life to the rants of a crazy, drugged out person. Who would believe him anyway? The people that believed him are those 1. That doesn’t know me. 2. My haters 3. The dugyuts 4. People that are not important to me.

He can rant all he wants, I don’t fu*king care.

But one of my friends forwarded me one of his rants this morning.

This particular rant I want to address.

1. He wants to take credit of the success of my business. No, no, no….

As per his rant:

I will take this personally because it concerns my business that I built from scratch.

I put up Willow Jewelry in 2013 with only P15,000 capital while he was in St. Clare’s psychiatric ward. He was there (in and out) since he got out of Silvercrest rehabilitation Center (he was in Silvercrest since 1999 up to 2004).

I was a housewife and I depended on the allowance my in laws gave me. And to correct the thing he said that he spent “millions” on my blings. LIE.

Millions? Talaga? Saan ka kukuha ng millions eh allowance basis ka? Lahat lahat bigay ng tatay mo. You did not work for it. Swerte ka lang mayaman tatay mo.

You’re fucking 63 years old and Nana is still paying your 2 credit cards which Nana complains to the kids and to me everytime your bill comes. As a matter of fact Nana pays only the mininum. I just don’t know what you will do when Nana is no longer around.

I put up Willow Jewelry because my kids were already going abroad for Uni. And I was left with nothing to do. So, I decided to do something with my time. I’d like to thank the following people who helped me:

1. Butch Francisco for giving me the idea. ” why don’t you do something that you like. So you will enjoy doing it.” I thought of jewelries because I love jewelries.

2. Anna Feliciano- Ayuyao for introducing me to my goldsmith and for believing in me and supporting me all the way.

And now he wants me to acknowledge him? For what?

He gave me a check of P20,000 a few months ago (I can’t remember exactly when. Should be a few months ago). He had money at that time cos he sold his golf shares I forgot the name, it could be The Country Club, that his father bought for him.

So, I took it. Why not? Lol. So, for that thank you from the bottom of my nose.

2. He said he paid for my nose job. Another out right LIE.

I had a nose job? Hahahahahahahaha! I did not know that. Here take a good look at this:

My mom’s nose. I don’t need a nose job asshole.

Those are the 2 issues I will ever address.

Do not take credit for my business that I put up with my own blood, sweat and tears.

Now, let me ask you, what have you done except going in and out of rehab and psychaitric wards and go to Facebook the whole day and night and fight people that don’t agree with you?

That’s the legacy that you will leave your children. Remember that.

And by the way, Melissa Henson? That’s not her real name. And I never did anything to her. Ang kaaway nya si Marlene Aguilar, not me. Marlene’s people were the ones who did all those fake accounts not me (I don’t have time for that) and besides I’m not that techy.

Ask her what she did to make Marlene Aguilar angry at her.

And her real name is May Toling. I don’t know her, never met her in person. And she’s using a fake name because she is hiding from her sister in law. You know why? Cos she used her sister in laws credit card and max it out and did not pay.

You want me to tell you the history of Clifford? Lol!

Please know your circle.


You lost me.


One more thing. He said he kicked me out. LIE.

I f*cking left him.