I know I owe you guys an explanation why my last 4 posts are password protected. Sorry I did not have time to explain since I was on a trip. I planned to explain when I get back.

I have been back since Saturday early morning and the whole weekend I was busy settling in and adjusting to our time zone.

The reason why I protected my posts is because I did not want to be stress during my trip. There is this particular person who reads my blog and she makes an issue about everything I write.

There’s only one thing I will say to this person:

It is not my fault why you are stuck in that rabbit hole you’re in. Please don’t drag me with you. It’s too bad that you are so miserable with your life. That’s the life you chose. It’s as if you don’t have a choice. You do.

So, please stop reading my blog. Especially if you don’t understand and have no clue what “blogging” is all about.

Don’t try to act as if you are intelligent cos we all know you are not. You are still that girl from the province who doesn’t know how to act in the world you’re in.

And just because I was able to get out of my own rabbit hole it doesn’t give you the right to still want to control me.

I am done with that life. You are still there, so suffer on your own.

I am happy now. Learn to accept that.