I finally brought Vito to the Doctor after 5 days of cough, swollen tonsils and cold. Advil, Dayquil, and Nyquil didn't quite do it for him and he hasn't been to the office since Monday.

Every day he complains that it is getting worst. Vito, as it is, is super hypochondriac.

Every time he has head ache he thinks he has brain cancer. "Mom, I think I have brain cancer."

When he has cough he thinks he has cancer of the esophagus. "Mom, I think I have cancer in my esophagus."

"Oh, maybe I am sick Mom because of Schumi."

"Why? what did Schumi do to you?"

"He kisses me on the lips all the time."

He makes it so big in his head and gets paranoid and makes me paranoid also.

Our appointment with Dra. Cristina Antonio was at 12:30 pm. Her secretary told us to be there between 12:30 and 1:00 pm. So, we left the house around 12:15. When we were around the vicinity of Makati Med already her secretary texted me that we are the next patient already. Wow, great timing. I hate waiting long.

I always enjoy going to Dra. Antonio. She is my most favorite doctor of all time (the other one is Dr. Celdran). If you go to her you will know why she's my favorite. She is very caring and engaging to her patients. But most of all she is very funny (without trying to be). Even my kids love her.

We were in her clinic for about (give and take) 30 minutes. She checked Vito for 10 minutes and the rest we were just talking and laughing.

Good thing Vito is okay. Just the normal cough and cold (which is very rampant these days). She prescribed him anti biotics and some other medicines for his cold.

After Makati Med, we had late lunch in Mamou in Power Plant. After lunch, Vito wanted to drop by Ronnie & Joe's. He is looking for sunglasses but we found out that Ronnie and Joe's is no longer in Power Plant. We did not want to go to the other branch of Ronnie and Joe's in SM Aura 'cause it was so traffic (Friday traffic) and it was raining. So, we went home.


I did my usual ritual every Saturday. Put on face mask in the morning. I usually let it stay on my face for as long as I can. The face mask I used is Body Shop's, Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask.

While the mask is on my face, I did my nails. I don't have nail polish on my nails for about 3 weeks now. My nails are so dry so I am making it breathe for awhile. What I do is I put coconut oil on my nails and just buff the edges. I'm keeping my nails really short.

Last night, I watched Russell Peters on Netflix. This guy is so funny. He is one of my favorite stand up comedians. Aside from Dave Chapelle, Louis CK and Kevin Hart.


I asked Vinny where they want to have our Sunday lunch. He told me to ask Claudia. When I asked Claudia she told me anywhere.

I told the maid to set up my make up station already.

When I was about to get ready Vinny said "let's not have lunch out today Mom, 'cause I'm not feeling well and besides Claudia also is not feeling well.

"Okay. let's just order in."

I told the maid to put away my make up station. And decided to have my roots done. After having my roots done Vinny decided to have lunch out.

"What?" I already have dye on my hair!"

And he goes: "it's okay kami na lang."

They ended up having lunch without me. ughhh.

Tonight I'm planning to watch Netflix.

And chill.

How was your week end?