Apologies for my short rant last week. It was something I needed to do. It is very difficult when you are carrying something, it gets heavier day by day. My close friend, Jinggay, told me: “let it out. It might be cathartic for you and it will do you good”.

And so I did.

I was not expecting anything (good or bad) by letting it out. Just that I’m able to release the angst I have been feeling for a couple of weeks.

But I had some realizations. After working so hard on having a good relationship with my siblings after my brother died last year, I realized that it’s never going to happen. No matter how much I try, if it’s not meant to be it will never be.

There will always be someone in the group who loves to create senseless intrigues, who thrives on negativity and loves drama. And there will also be someone in the group who loves to be fed with all these.

But that’s not the direction I want to go. I don’t have time for that. I have better things to do.

I’m done.

It happens to a lot of families and mine is no exception.

Right now I’m more focus on taking care of Mom and Dad and continue my healthy relationship with my 2 brothers who like me doesn’t have time for senseless intrigues, negativity and drama.

Moving on…

I had uneventful but relaxing week end.

I just stayed home last Saturday and did my usual pampering. Face mask, body scrub, hot oil, etc. In the afternoon I watched a few movies on Netflix.

Last Sunday we had our weekly Sunday lunch in Manila Polo Club. Every Sunday Manila Polo Club have this Mongolian Buffet. My kids have been going to this Mongolian buffet ever since they were small. It’s part of their childhood. We rarely go there now only if Vinny craves for it. But last week they made an announcement that they won’t serve Mongolian buffet anymore. Which freaked Claudia out.

We ended up eating there. Which for me was a bad idea because everyone was there. The lines were too long and it took them forever to serve. But on the other hand I’m glad my kids were able to enjoy it one last time.

Now that summer is over I’ll start to shoot my ootd on location again. And it will come out every Wednesday.

I hope you guys had a relaxing week end, too!