I went to Landmark earlier today to pick up some plants for Claudia’s room (Landmark has the best artificial plants and flowers). What happened is a few months ago she bought real plants for her room and it died. One by one it died and she feels so bad. Right before we left for Hongkong she told me she’ll just get artificial plants (para it won’t die). And she asked me to get for her.

She likes it but she wanted a little taller. So, I’ll just get another one that is taller than this.

I saw an artificial tall cactus and I decided to get it also for her room. I haven’t put it in a pot yet (I hope she likes it. She probably will ’cause she likes cactus).

So, after paying I told the driver (not Joshua. I used Claudia’s driver)(and yes, the driver went with me inside to help me with the shopping bags) to wait for it while it was being wrapped and I went down to the ground floor to look for nail polish.

It’s been a month now since I last applied nail polish on my nails (I wanted my nails to rest ’cause my nails are already yellow and looks so unhealthy). I’m planning to apply nail polish again this week and I need to buy new nail polish. I wanted gel nail polish but the kind that doesn’t use light anymore. I heard Sally Hansen has good gel nail polish.

I picked up 3 colors:

L to R: 219 Birthday Suit, 230 All Chalked Up, 799 Greyfitti

I made sure that this is the type that doesn’t need light and the sales assistant assured me that I don’t need light but it has a special top coat that I need to buy for this kind of nail polish. So, I got also the top coat.

And aside from the special top coat, I need to buy a special nail remover! Gel nail polish is hard to remove and you need a special kind of nail polish remover for this. So, I picked up the special nail polish remover for dry nails, too.

When I was done paying Renante (the driver) was still upstairs and not done yet ’cause they put Claudia’s plant in a pot.  So, I went around.

Beside Sally Hansen’s counter was the counter of OFRA. I checked it out to pass time. I ended up buying a few items (just a few). I haven’t forgotten my promise (not to buy make up until the end of the year).

First, I checked their lipsticks. There were a few nude shades that I like.

Top to bottom: Straten Island, Dubai, & Manila

I saw their setting powder palette and their highlighter palette. I swatched it. The powders are very finely milled and very, very smooth. And the highlighters are very pigmented. I didn’t give it a second thought.

Pop Setting Powder 101

Pow Wow Powder Highlighters

By the way, the brand POP Beauty is the sister company of OFRA


Top: H&M  ||  Jeans: Levis  ||  Mules: Zara  ||  Bag: Hermes  ||  Sunglasses: Chloe  ||  Watch: Klarf