A few weeks before Vinnys wedding I was already toying with the idea of closing down my blog.

One of my New years resolutions for 2019 was to blog 3 times a week without thinking that it was so difficult to keep up. And so I told myself if I cannot do the 3 times a week I’d rather not blog anymore.

That is just one of the reasons.

I felt it was time to do the swan song. After the chaos that you know who (and my haters) did to me a few months ago I felt it is time. I just want to live a peaceful and private life and continuing my blog will never give me the peace I want.

And I want to heal completely. The last few months I have evolved and I kinda like the person I have become now.

A few weeks ago one of my IG followers DM’d me about something and I sort of told her my plan (to stop blogging). I was so shocked how she reacted and she begged me not to close my blog. I decided to post (IG & FB) that part of our conversation since I let it out of the bag already so might as well go all out and tell everyone already.

You have no idea how many DM’s (both IG and FB) and emails I received (for more than a week). Some respected my decision but 95% asked me to not close down.

One even said it is okay if I don’t blog 3 times a week even just once in awhile and she will be happy with that.

It got me thinking. Should I or shouldn’t I?

So, I decided to not totally close it down but I will only blog if I feel like it and no more 3 times a week schedule (it just took so much of me to keep up with that schedule).

So, there. I hope you’re okay with that.

But first this.

I am not going to talk about Vinny’s wedding. ‘You know who’ made a circus out of it and my haters joined in the circus (they are so into it and I wonder what is it to them)(like, really)(I will not give them that). It is the first wedding in my family and Vinny and his wife are both very private people. I will give them that.

So now that that’s out of the way…

I have been very, very busy ever since first week of Febuary. In fact it is only now that I found time to sit down and write this. Only because my nail therapist is here. While she is doing my nails (and foot massage) I am writing this. Otherwise I’d still be running around like a headless chicken.

I left for Hongkong 2 weeks ago for some R&R (rest basically). Just sleep and eat. And of course shopping.

The following week after I got back from Hongkong, I flew to Cebu to visit Mom and Dad. I only stayed for a few days and spent my time with them. In fact I was not able to see my friends except my good friend Jing. She went to my hotel on the day I was to fly back. She picked up something that she left at my place when she came here for Vinny’s wedding. We had breakfast together with Mom and Dad.

With Mom. At the Marco Polo hotel were I stayed.

Actually, I just got back a few days ago and when I got back I went on full work mode. I have a few orders that I left hanging and I need to finish and ship it ASAP.

When I got back from HK, Kuro had a very bad separation anxiety. He wouldn’t eat for 3 days and was always hiding under the couch. I got worried that Claudia had to call her Vet to do house call. He was scheduled to come at 4:00pm that day but I don’t know what happened Kuro started to eat. So, the Vet told me to observe him. Kuro started to act normal again. Whew!

When I left for Cebu I was very scared. I was so anxious if Kuro would act up again when I come back. He did but not as bad. Whew!

Don’t let this face fool you. Lol!

I actually miss writing. So I guess this is not goodbye…