We have a lot of orders this week! Enough to make my schedule full until this weekend.

One of our orders is from my good friend Claire. She had these pendants made for her daughters (this is not finished yet). I have to have it engraved with her daughter’s initials.

What I find so cute is her daughters are no longer little girls (one is 19 and the other is I think 24) and they would look really cute wearing these little girl pendants with their initials together with their favorite stone.

Isn’t these the cutest? Love it!

By the way, the little girl and the stone are meant to be worn together. We normally make it together with the birthstones. But Claire chose turquoise as the stone cos it’s their favorite stone.

It’s one of the perks of my job when we make nice cute things for our clients. I find it so fulfilling. Especially if they like it. And like I said, this week we have a lot of orders and I like everything we’re making now! I’m so excited.

Last night I was reading and watching videos of the launch of Victoria Beckham’s collaboration with Estee Lauder (during London fashion week). VB’s Estee Lauder collab is very nice. I want to get my hands on every product!

Anyway, while I was going through some blogs about the launch and the videos I noticed something about VB’s outfit during the launch.

she’s wearing vintage Levi’s jeans paired with white crew t-shirt.


This is what I wore the other day when I shot my Natural Makeup Look post.

I am wearing vintage Levi’s jeans, white crew t-shirt and I put up my hair (I put up my hair a lot these days because I’m growing my hair longer ( just a little below my shoulders) and it is in a weird length now).

The only difference is I am not wearing stilettos and of course, she is Victoria Beckham and I am only Tina Tagle.