Saturdays are usually my “taking care of me” day (I usually pamper myself every Saturday). I guess you know that by now.

Face mask, body scrub, hot oil (hair), and nails (foot scrub included).

I did all that this morning (except nails. My manicurista is coming at 5:00 pm).

Saturdays are also my makeup free day. If ever I go out (on a Saturday) I usually just put BB cream, fix my eye brows, a little blush, and lipstick.

When I was in Hongkong we saw Mannings in IFC Mall on our last day. Mannings is a drugstore like Watson’s. We went inside to check if they have La Roche Posay (a French drugstore skin care brand that I like). I always pick up stuff from La Roche Posay when we’re abroad. I love the brand.

I picked up a BB cream (among other things) and have been using it ever since we got back. I super love it. It’s medium coverage and it’s very light weight (I looked like I’m not wearing makeup. My skin but better look).

I’m so happy I picked this up. Good find.

I went out for lunch in this Chinese resto in Salcedo village with some friends. It’s just a small resto but the food is good. I put on a pair of Levi’s shorts and Levi’s vintage tees and wore slides.

When I got home I was chatting with my friend Marivic (from London). She’s coming home next month with her boyfriend. She told me to send her my shopping list already so she can start buying it during her days off (this is our ritual every time she comes home for vacation).

I told her I don’t need anything. Usually, I let her buy my makeup that’s only available there or the ones that are easier to get from there. But I’m not stocking on makeup now (remember?). She got so shocked. “Sigurado ka ba?”

I told her to just get me a basket bag similar to the one that she got me in Portugal (the one I’m using now) but smaller. So, she went online and sent me some pictures to choose from.

I chose the first picture but when she placed the order it was already out of stock. Oh, wow. How come the stuff I want goes out of stock right away? Kaka inis naman. I had to make a second choice.

I chose the last picture. Ordered. Done.

My manicurista arrived a little after 5:00 pm. This is going to be the first time (after a month) that I will apply nail polish. She told me it’s good that I rest my nails for a month.

After dinner, I’m going to watch Hangover 1, 2, &3 on Netflix. Yay! I’m so excited. I haven’t seen this series yet and jsp’s been telling me to watch it. So, finally, I’ll watch it tonight.

The day went by smoothly and it was a chill kinda day.