I’m just gonna sit down and chat with you guys. I need to answer a few questions and I need to update you, too. So, I’ll just make this a chatty post.

One of the questions that have been asked is “what did you get in that vintage Chanel shop?”

Okay, to answer that question, I didn’t get anything. Altho’ there were some items that Claudia and I liked it was just so overwhelming! We went there on the day we arrived. We were just walking around one of the side streets in Omotesando, we saw the shop and went in. We were not ready for that kind of find. Lol. A few minutes we got to the shop a friend of mine, Vania Romoff, walked in together with her husband and some of their friends (their group sort of filled the small shop). There were a few people already when we got there plus Vania’s group medyo masikip na. After talking to Vania, Claudia and I scanned the place quickly, I took some pictures and told Claudia let’s just come back. We have plenty of time.

But we were not able to go back anymore. I saw the prices of some pieces and the price is double the price of the new ones. Like for example the WOC (wallet on chain) it’s about $1,900 but the vintage WOC (if it was called WOC before) was priced at $4,000 + (Chanel increased last year and WOC is more than $2,000 already.

If we would have come back I was interested more in the jewelries.

Second most asked question is “what did you buy in Tokyo?”

I am very proud to say that I did not buy a single cosmetic! Lol. The kids were so shocked. But I bought 2 packs of falsies (I don’t think that is considered cosmetics. Is it?) Before we left I knew I was not going to shop. I didn’t need anything. Last February I bought a few pairs of shoes (some I haven’t even worn yet) and I still have a lot of clothes that I haven’t worn, too. So, I thought I’ll just see when I get there. The first shop that we went to the day we arrived was the Apple Store in Omotesando. It was just right outside the train station. So, when we got out of the train that was the first thing we saw on the street. The kids went inside ‘cos Vito and Stef wanted to buy Airpods. I ended up buying one for myself and I bought an Ipad Pro.

On the night we went to Shake Shack, when we were walking back to our hotel we passed by BIC Camera (the biggest electronic store in Tokyo). There was a branch near our hotel. We went inside ‘cos Claudia wanted to check a photo printer. I ended up buying Marshall speakers. lol. I’ve been wanting to buy good speakers and I specifically wanted the Marshall brand ‘cos my friend Claire has one (altho’ hers is the biggest size). So, when I saw it I decided to get one (this brand is available here in Manila).

Most of my purchases were all accidental.

I bought 2 wicker bags in one of the shops in Omotesando and picked up some clothes along the way. When we went to Uniqlo (I wanted to buy bras and seamless underwear) I was able to get a few linen shirts. And in Zara, I bought 2 denim culottes (white and red) and a few shirts (btw, Zara didn’t have nice stuff when we went). Claudia and I bought a lot in Shel’ter. This has become our favorite clothing store in Tokyo because they carry the brand Moussy. Moussy have really nice denim pants. Quite pricey but really nice. You can check their site here.

And of course, I picked up a few shades. And oh, I bought a watch (Japanese brand).

I really enjoyed Tokyo this time. Only because the weather was sooo nice the whole time we were there. I enjoyed my conversations with Vito during our train rides, shopping and eating with Claudia, Vito and Stef. It was really a fun trip even tho’ I did not shop.

The day after we got home our labandera (laundry woman) got sick. Actually, the day we arrived she had a fever. The other helpers said her fever was 2 days already. The following day she had chicken pox which freaked out all of us. I sent her home asap. Nana told me to let her rest for a month. We already have a substitute while she is healing but I need to train her (it’s so difficult to train new people).

My niece Arianne gave birth to a cute baby girl last Saturday! We already knew when she was giving birth because she was caesarian section. Her schedule was 8:00 am. I told her I will go to the hospital around lunchtime ‘cos I know after her operation she will be put in the recovery room for at least 2 hours. True enough when I got to her room her husband told me Arianne was wheeled to her room just 10 minutes before I arrived. The baby was sent to her room 15 minutes after I got there and I was able to hold her. OMG, I missed holding babies. Of course, her baby is cute. All babies are all cute!

Today is my first working day. I had some banking stuff to do and we did some shipping this morning. And we have new orders! yay.

Update on the restock of the shades. I’ve placed orders already before we left for Tokyo and I’m just waiting for it to arrive. It usually takes 2 – 3 weeks.

Roxanne, Claire and I are currently planning on going to the beach (Balesin) first week of May and I’m planning to go home to Cebu end of April.

So, I guess that’s about it guys.