Sunday – December 24, 2017

I jumped on the treadmill early this morning. I was supposed to work out yesterday (Saturday) but Claudia woke up late ‘cos she went out the other night. Altho’ she stayed home last night she woke up late again today. So, I decided to work out on my own. Good girl.

I started my day early today ‘cos I had a lot of things to do.

First, our Sunday lunch. It takes me at least 2 hours to get ready and by just getting ready it will eat my whole morning. Before getting ready I started packing. We’re leaving tomorrow for our family vacation and I haven’t packed yet.

I had my luggage cleaned by Adrian (houseboy) yesterday and it’s already here in my room. I need to start packing ASAP ‘cos I won’t have time tonight and we’re leaving early tomorrow morning.

I had to stop packing ‘cos Schumi sensed that we’re leaving and he gave us (me & Junabeth (housegirl)) a hard time. He would give me his kawawa look and kept on messing up whatever we put inside my luggage. I decided to stop ‘cos it was breaking my heart. If only there is a way we can bring him. I told Claudia if she can find a way for us to bring him and she told me: “are you nuts Mom.” And I told her, “why? Oprah brings all her dogs wherever she goes.” 

I called up Mom instead and we chatted for awhile. She told me what happened to Rhian this morning and I ended up laughing so hard. I wrote about it in Rhian stories and you can read it here.

Our Sunday lunch was in Tsukiji (our go-to lunch place). At first we had a hard time deciding where, so I suggested. I said why not Tsugi? Claudia asked, “where?” I said, in Tsugi. “Where is that?” she asked. I realized I said the wrong word. I hurriedly corrected myself and said: “I mean in Tsukiji!” hahaha. Na tsugi tuloy ako!

I will continue my packing after dinner while waiting for 12:00 midnight.

Let me be the first to greet you a Merriest Christmas! Have fun and enjoy your family bonding and opening your gifts tonight!


Top: H&M  ||  Jeans: Topshop  ||  Shoes: Gucci  ||  Bag: louis Vuitton  ||  Willow Jewelry