Yey! Sweater weather today!

It was gloomy the whole day today (it even rained lightly late afternoon). It was not really cold I just wanted to wear my favorite sweater.

I went to Rustan’s grocery to place my order for Chinese Christmas ham that I usually give to close friends and relatives during the Holidays. I also picked up a few things that we needed at home.

And spur of the moment jsp called me (while I was in Rustan’s) and asked me if I want to grab lunch.


We ate in Terry’s Selection (Spanish resto Salcedo Village) ‘cos I was craving for Callos and Terry’s has the best Callos in the world. And omg, for the first time I ordered extra rice. It was that good. For me, my Christmas feast is over. Nothing can top that. Nothing.

served to me boiling hot!


Sweater: bought it in a shop in Tokyo. I forgot the name  ||  Jeans: Levis  ||  Shoes: Gucci Princetown Slippers  ||  Bag: Gucci Backpack  ||  Willow Jewelry