I knew the minute I write about it people will bug me. True enough, now my phone won’t stop ringing and buzzing. Even in the middle of the night!

I was hesitant to blog about it in the beginning but it was too juicy for me not to. hahahaha.

I was shocked when Jerry told me only because I don’t really know what’s happening with her life (I don’t follow her in any of her accounts in social media).

Somehow, I knew one day this is going to happen. Knowing her history and her partner is much older than she is.

The reason why I did not put even the initials is because it will be very obvious. But since a lot of you are asking who I am referring to I sort of feel obligated to tell you who it is.

A lot of people already told me that she’s so open about it (in fact she talks about him in her Instagram account) I think it is safe for me, in a way. But still I won’t mention names. The only thing I can do is give you 3 hints.

  1. she’s an ex actress
  2. she lives with her partner and daughter in our village
  3. she calls him china man (the guy who she was seen shopping with)

That’s it! With these 3 hints I’m sure you already know who I am referring to. If not, mahina kang pumick up.

Okay, let’s move on.





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