Dear 2017,

I welcomed you with so much hope that you will be better than 2016. I’m closing you today with so much gratitude. 

I’m grateful for:

  1. the chance God gave me to take care of mom & Dad. That I am able to make them happy on the last leg of their journey here on earth
  2. the life lessons that I learned 
  3. God took out 3 negative people that I don’t need in my life (S, A, &P)
  4. the strength that I am now able to stand up for myself 
  5. the good health of my loved ones (my kids, Mom & Dad)
  6. my blog…  in my small way I am able to inspire and make people happy
  7. the joy that Schumi and Andy give us every day
  8. that Rocko is no longer in pain
  9. our Willow Jewelry clients
  10. loyal friends
  11. Rhian for making us all happy.
  12. the laughter
  13. the tears
  14. the answered prayers
  15. the unanswered prayers
  16. and most of all, my kids – the core of my being

Thank you 2017 and goodbye! 

Much love,

Ms. T